Trusted Service

Our focus – customer satisfaction. Busnex provides flexible sales solutions for green energy busses and offers convenient, comprehensive maintenance solutions. Busnex team is ready to provide individual, personalized services, fitting customers’ needs and demands.

Well-established service network

Being representatives and partners of Yutong’s network of international bus service, Busnex offers a full scope of maintenance services. As of the end of 2018, Yutong has had 227 chartered service companies and 350 authorized service outlets. Moreover, Yutong also sends service engineers and spare parts managers to reside in the key overseas markets and provide service to customers.

Yutong has set up 8 spare parts warehouses in France, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Cuba and Panama, furthermore 5 spare parts consignment warehouses in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Slovakia and Singapore.

Provide systematic service training

Yutong carries out diverse and effective service training for overseas service stations and end-users through various training methods.

Set up training centers

Teaching overseas customers the maintenance skills of Yutong buses.

Develop multilingual training materials

Yutong covers maintenance and repair of vehicles, driver brochures, service station management manuals, etc., in different languages.

Online functions

We cover the full scope of all required information: feedback and warranty settlement, spare part inquiry, technical document inquiry, spare parts ordering, training management, product information, service station information, etc.


Through Yutong’s network of international bus service partners, Busnex offers a full scope of maintenance services. Optimal locations, flexible solutions and attention to details will ensure that every problem is professionally resolved in a timely manner.

Principles of Services

Customer focus: We seek maximum customer satisfaction through continuous support of quick vehicle operation rate and parts availability.

Maintenance priority: We solve on-site all problems connected with vehicle as soon as possible and ensure the regular operation of buses according to the principle of “Troubleshooting before Accountability”.

Honesty and trustworthiness: We take honesty as a priority and advice customers based on facts while providing our services.

Meeting demands:  We pay close attention to client‘s needs and meet customers’ requests to improve their experiences.

Timely feedback: For customer demands and major complaints that cannot be solved in a service center, we provide feedback to the market service technicians for assistance.