Dimension (mm)

Charming appearance

  • The body adopts imported metal paint, which features bright colors, superior quality and long-lasting beauty.
  • ECAS height adjustment system with kneeling function is convenient and practical, improving the overall level of the vehicle.
  • Pole type electric rearview mirrors which are short in left and long in right with electric defrosting function and unexposed wire harness, feature good reliability and practicability.

Comfortable riding

Yutong ICE12 pure-electric bus can provide you a nice travel environment, allowing you to enjoy the journey in the pleasant, comfortable and quiet atmosphere.

Easy handling

  • The European-style dashboard and rational button layout ensure easy access.
  • The driver’s seat offers dual armrests for optimal comfort even during prolonged driving.
  • With stepless speed change, high-efficient electric power steering and pneumatic steering-wheel adjustment, all operating positions of the driver are at ease without physical changes, driving intensity drops in a linear fashion, resulting in a driving experience akin to a sedan.

Intelligentization makes your operation effortless

  • Smart: Worry-free driving, enterprise confidence
  • People-Vehicle Interconnection Smart Manager: As a new-energy bus by Yutong, it employs the embedded program, realizing the mobile interconnection between the bus and the driver. Thanks to smart diagnosis, smart central control, energy-consumption statistics and other data processing, it provides smart, networked information for the driver and the company.

Long driving range

  • Leading power-consumption performance: Lightweight technology of the whole vehicle, high-performance electric motor, and efficient control strategy.
  • Leading power distribution: Lithium-iron power battery with high energy density, as well as integrated and modularized design.
  • High operating rate: Highly integrated ReCtrl system reduces high-voltage nodes by 59%, effectively decreasing the failure rates and ensuring the reliable operation.
  • Flexible charging solutions are available, and charging power covers ranges from 60 kW to 120 kW. Additionally, several charging-function options are provided, including OCPP intelligent charging, charging reservation for cooling and heating.

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