Dimension (mm)
19000 (kg)
Engine model
MX-11 240
Luggage compartment
Max. speed (km/h)

Eye-catching appearance

The simple and stylish appearance catches your eyes at the first glance. Headlamps with distinctive outlines enable you to drive safely in the night. Integral detachable bumper facilitates the repair and maintenance. Ultra large luggage compartment can carry more luggage for passengers. Rearview mirrors without blind spot ensure the safe driving.


Quality is the key concern of customers

Inheriting Yutong’s advantages on leading technique, Yutong buses with good quality and distinctive appearance combine the fuel economy, safety, comfort and reliability together through the application of integral structure with annular frame member, cathodic electrocoating technique, robot welding technology, engine thermal management system and so on.

Exquisite Interiors, Upgraded Feelings

Simple and elegant interiors are fresh and comfortable. The broad visual field design exceeds your expectation. All-round facilities meet the needs of passengers to the maximum. Clearly visible dashboard and accessible buttons, as well as ergonomic driver zone and spatial arrangement, bring unparalleled operating experience to drivers and also improve the safety of drivers.

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