12280*2550*3800 (mm)
19000 (kg)
Engine model
DAF MX-11 291

Appealing appearance

While enjoying the scenery, you also become the scenery of others. With eye-catching appearance, Yutong TC12 perfectly combines the Yutong design language with Israeli aesthetic elements and creates a high-end and elegant feeling.

Exquisite interiors, upgraded feelings

In order to make your journey start from comfort, we work at the vehicle with great care. With fine details processing and selection of environment-friendly materials, Yutong TC12 features superior quality and always cares the comfort of your journey.

Advanced handling, pleasant driving

The journey is full of fun instead of troubles. The ergonomic driving environment and spatial arrangement enable drivers with different statures to have optimal vision and easy handling, thus enjoying their driving during the journey.

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