Dimension (mm)

Aesthetics of industrial art

Yutong’s U12 pure-electric bus employs a new design language for all of its digital systems. With large black surfaces, the entire vehicle is stylish and elegant. The arc on the front top creates a conspicuous outline for the vehicle. The vehicle’s overall styling recalls the appearance of a digital gadget, offering strong affinity and friendly interaction with passengers.

Easeful driving

  • The fully enclosed non-interference cab, large space on the driver’s head, electromagnetic enclosure door make the driver more focused and driving safer.
  • The air-cushion driver seat, pneumatic lifting function, dual armrests and air-cushion backrest limit fatigue and enhance the driving experience.
  • CONTINENTAL follow-up dashboard features a rational button array. Everything is instantly accessible by the driver.

Bring you good mood all the time

Electric air conditioning (cooling capacity: 38,000 Kcal/h; heating capacity: 36,000 Kcal/h) and forced fresh air ventilation ensure a consistently comfortable passenger compartment.

NEW CITY passenger seats offer ergonomic design and USB charging ports to accommodate passengers’ portable devices for added convenience

The colors of independent strip lights and ambient lighting are adjustable for added interest.

Intelligentization makes your operation effortless

  • Smart: Worry-free driving, enterprise confidence.
  • People-Vehicle Interconnection Smart Manager: As a new-energy bus by Yutong, it employs the embedded program, realizing the mobile interconnection between the bus and the driver. Thanks to smart diagnosis, smart central control, energy-consumption statistics and other data processing, it provides smart, networked information for the driver and the company.

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