Dimension (mm)

Simple and elegant appearance with practical aesthetics

Left short and right long rearview mirrors feature good vision amid turning, and the added close-proximity exterior rearview mirror offers better visual field.

Detachable front wall allows easy repair and maintenance of headlights, defrosters, wipers and so on.

Flexible and convenient manipulation

  • Enclosed cockpit free of interference and aisle especially for driver.
  • Follow-up dashboard with LCD screen not only creates a catching appearance, but also provides an easy access for drivers.
  • Driver seat: shock absorber leather driver seat with heating function can relieve driving fatigue and improve driver’s driving experience.
  • Intelligent collision pre-warning system can avoid the risk of potential traffic accidents.

Optimized interior design featuring comfortable journey

  • The roof hatch with in-built ventilator brings fresh air inside the vehicle, bringing you a pleasant feeling.
  • STOP buttons rationally arranged on the vehicle are convenient for passengers to use and are very user-friendly.
  • The vehicle is provided with two USB ports on the side of the wheelchair area, giving an easy access for passengers to charge their gadgets.

Fast charging and sufficient driving range

  • Low power consumption: lightweight design, high-performance drive motor and high-efficiency control strategy.
  • High energy density: 202Ah drive batteries; large electric capacity: 374kWh (12 packs).
  • Charging socket with European standard, optional charging socket with China national standard.
  • Approach switch and indicator light are equipped in the compartment. The indicator light will be on when the compartment door is opened to facilitate the charging operation.

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