Dimension (mm)

Aesthetics of industrial art

Yutong’s U18 pure-electric bus employs a new design language for all of its digital systems. With large black surfaces, the entire vehicle is stylish and elegant. The arc on the front top creates a conspicuous outline for the vehicle. The vehicle’s overall styling recalls the appearance of a digital gadget, offering strong affinity and friendly interaction with passengers.

Create a perfect ride experience

With comfortable, accessible interiors, the U18 brings an enhanced passenger experience. The air conditioning system in the passenger area (cooling capacity: 28000 kcal/h) and driver’s area (cooling capacity: 3200 kcal/h) ensures that the temperature environment inside the vehicle is optimized.

Offering you an eased driving experience

  • With step-less speed change, the clutch engagement operations can be decreased by over 2,000 times per day.
  • Interior noise is 3dB lower than that of conventional drivelines.
  • ACTIA dashboard with full LCD instruments not only creates an attractive appearance, but also provides an ergonomic environment for drivers.
  • Yutong’s BusEYE Pro Assisted Driving System has greatly improved the safety of whole vehicles and greatly reduced the stress and fatigue of drivers.

Easeful driving

  • The fully enclosed non-interference cab, large space on the driver’s head, electromagnetic enclosure door make the driver more focused and driving safer.
  • The air-cushion driver seat, pneumatic lifting function, dual armrests and air-cushion backrest limit fatigue and enhance the driving experience.
  • ACTIA follow-up dashboard features a rational button array. Everything is instantly accessible by the driver.

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