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Yutong Bus is the world’s largest supplier of buses & coaches, pioneering renewable energy bus technology for the globe.

Daily production capacity 445+ unitsMore
The bus plants include five production procedures (part making, chassis, welding, painting and final assembly) and 15 production lines as well as completed road test procedures.
Daily production capacity of new energy buses 375+ unitsMore
Every year, Yutong’s new energy buses can reduce carbon emissions by 3,000,000 tons, which is equivalent to the CO2 absorption of a 7,000-hectare broad-leaved forest.
Global market share 15%+More
Yutong has become one of the world’s major bus and coach suppliers with a share of over 15% in the global market, operating in over 30 countries, including France, UK, Chile, South Africa etc.


Providing environmentally friendly public transport solutions

Busnex, a certified representative of Yutong Bus for the Baltics and Poland, provides flexible sales and leasing solutions for vehicles pioneering renewable energy bus technology.

Yutong is the largest bus manufacturer in the world in term of sales volumes and has a share of over 15% in the global bus market.


Full service scope – from lease to maintenance

Busnex operations do not end with sales or leasing. Through Yutong’s network of international bus service partners, Busnex offers a full scope of maintenance services. Optimal locations, flexible solutions and attention to detail will ensure that every problem is professionally resolved in a timely manner.

Experience and innovation

Yutong, the main provider of Busnex buses, has fully mastered a number of core technologies for new energy buses and can thus provide the best-suited mobility solutions for electric buses. The company has developed an innovative series of hybrid and full electric buses.